Unusual sports you can try at I Am Team GB

Floorball, just one of the hundreds of sports you can try

Lots of people are trying something new for I Am Team GB – and there are plenty of interesting sports to choose from. If you’ve not yet decided what you’ll be doing on Saturday 27 August, here are some of the more unusual events that you could try from around the country.


You may not have heard of Floorball (also known as Unihockey) but once you’ve tried it, we guarantee you’ll be hooked.

Think ice hockey, played in a sports hall and without any contact – and you’re pretty close. This is an action-packed, high-speed game that’ll leave you exhilarated and just a little breathless… and that’s just watching.

Where can I try it?

For kids aged 8-15 Farnham Floorball and Unihockey Club is running a turn up and have a go session – find out more here
Hastings Predators Floorball Club is holding an open day at their base in East Sussex from 8am till 8pm for all ages to have a try – learn more here

Floorball - a fast-paced hockey-like game

Weightlifting and Powerlifting

Many of us have tried some kind of weight training in the gym, but weightlifting and powerlifting are respectively Olympic and Paralympic sports in their own right. There are different categories of lift – such as the dead lift, snatch and the clean and jerk. It’s a superb way to get fit, challenge yourself and increase your strength while also being a lot of fun.

Where can I try it?

Stockport Spartans are putting on The BIG Lift for I Am Team GB. It’s a great chance for able bodied and disabled people to have a go at weight lifting, Paralympic powerlifting, football and sitting volleyball too. Learn more about The BIG Lift here

A woman weightlifting

Welly Wanging

Don’t be fooled into thinking that throwing a welly as far as you can is simply a bit of fun! It’s actually a very serious business with annual World Championships and rules that specify: “No artificial or man-made wind is to be used”. Good to know.

It’s open to anyone who can throw a wellington boot across a field.

Where can I try it?

Prestwood are putting on their village games at Sprinters Leisure Centre in the Chilterns – which includes Welly Wanging, Tug of War and other fun activities. Let them know you’re coming here.

Welly wanging


Just like squash, Racketball is played in a closed court (both indoor and outdoor) with a small, rubber ball. This is a fast, action-packed game for two or four players. It’s very similar to the US sport Racquetball – but with slightly different rules, a denser and less bouncy ball and different court size. You need to have good reactions as the ball is in play from the floor, the walls and even the ceiling!
If you’ve played squash before, Racketball will be very familiar. For everyone else, old or young, you’ll still find it loads of fun.

Where can I try it?

Quite a few leisure centres are opening up their Squash courts for people wanting to try out both Racketball and squash, if you’re in Warwick check out Freedom Fitness on Welton Road from 10am-12pm for their Squash and Racketball taster sessions for I Am Team GB.

Or try out Shrewsbury’s Kingslands Squash ‘Pitch n Play’ morning from 9am-12pm: learn more here.


Walking Football

If you’re over 50 you can still enjoy a kick about with good friends without having to break too much of a sweat. In Walking Football – as the name suggests – fouls are awarded for players who run (with or without the ball) and that includes the goalies.
It’s a low-impact, great fun game for men and women.

Where can I try it?

If you’re over 50, come along to Brunswick Gardens in Sheffield from 2:30-3:30pm to try it. There’ll be half-time football songs from Brunswick Choir too. Find out more here

Walking Football

Whether you’d like to try a new sport or stick to something you love, you can be part of the team on Saturday 27 August with I Am Team GB.

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