Our six tips to make your super Saturday successful

In 2012 the Olympic Games in London erupted on Super Saturday when Mo Farah, Jessica Ennis-Hill and Greg Rutherford wowed the crowds of Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. Today looks set to be the Super Saturday sequel in Rio as all three attempt to defend their titles along with Team GB heroes looking to book their place in history.

What can you do to make Saturday 27 August just as super? Here are our top tips:

Kids celebrating
1. Choose a super event

There are thousands of events being held around the country as part of the nation’s biggest ever sports day so you’re bound to find something super. Pick an event, let them know you’re coming and make a plan for the day.

It doesn’t matter if you choose something on your doorstep or a bit further afield, I Am Team GB is all about getting out and about, having fun and getting active.

Find an event near you >>

Kids enjoying a tug-of-war contest

2. Invite your super friends and family

Getting out and about is always easier when you’ve made commitments to other people, you’ll also be able to share the laughs.

So now’s the time to get the people around you excited about joining in too. Pick up the phone, send a text, tweet, update your status or just get together to say I Am Team GB. Don’t forget to use the hashtag: #IAmTeamGB

People of all ages playing hockey

3. Doing your own thing superbly

You don’t have to sign up to an event to join the fun for I Am Team GB – lots of people have chosen to do their own thing for the nation’s biggest ever sports day. If you’re planning to do that too make sure you’ve got everything you need and that it’s all in good working order. Make it easy on yourself and get your family and friends involved in setting up.

It’s a good idea to make a back up plan in case of bad weather.

If you’re still thinking about what to do, why not check out our A-Z of IAmTeamGB for some inspiration.

Various sports equipment

4. Arrive with super style

When you’re attending events you’ll probably need to figure out how and when to get there. There are usually easy public transport options or you could car share with someone who lives near you. Cycling to and from an event is also a great way to warm up and cool down – locking up a bike is always easier than finding a space in a packed car park too.

However you choose to get there, make sure you know how to get there and what time to arrive. Check out the event’s details.

A horse, parked in a parking space

Parking at events might be an issue, even if you travel in style.

5. Make it super fun

Never underestimate how much bunting can enhance an event – jazzing up the place always adds a massive sense of occasion.

But how about adding a little something else? Like these:

  • How about a fancy dress race?
  • Or organise your own medal ceremonies? You could choose your own anthem and make your own podium.
  • Or why not put green food dye in the paddling pool for that authentic Olympic diving look?

Some colourful bunting livens up an event

6. Get super social

We want to see your sporting selfies and your victory videos. We’d love to see how the nation is celebrating, so be sure to share your day on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or whichever social media platform you choose with the hashtag #IAmTeamGB.

People sharing a selfie

Remember that it doesn’t matter if you come first, 35th or dead last it’s the taking part in the nation’s biggest ever sports day (and having fun) that counts.