The A-Z of I Am Team GB


If you want to do your own thing for I Am Team GB, you’ve come to the right place.

We’ve created an A-Z of brilliant ways to get involved in the nation’s biggest sports day. From high-octane activities to fun family games and gentle outdoor pursuits, there really is something for everyone.

Remember, if you’re inspired by any of the ideas below, please say you’re in and tell us what you’ll be doing on the big day!

A is for adventure playground

There’s nothing like monkeying around on wooden structures in your local park. But don’t think that swinging from trees or flying down zip-wires is just for kids. There’s a growing number of fantastic family activity centres, where adults and children can climb, swing and jump among the trees (safely attached to harnesses!).
Find an adventure playground near you
Find an outdoor activity centre near you

B is for bowls (or boules)

Grass. Sand. Gravel. You can play bowls almost anywhere – and it’s a great choice if you want to do something for I Am Team GB that’s fun for all ages and abilities. Unless you’re wearing the whites and playing lawn bowls, a popular game is the simple French variation “Petanque” – there’s a refresher on the rules here.

C is for Continuous cricket

It’s summer, the sun’s out (we hope!), and that means it’s time for cricket – only with a twist. Continuous cricket is all about scoring runs and keeping running, as the action doesn’t stop. It’s fantastic fun, and not just for kids.
See how to play

D is for Dance routine

From tap to line dancing, street dance to ballet, why not work up a sweat by moving your body to the beat? Whether you’re already a smooth mover or think you have two left feet, dancing is a great way to express yourself and get active. How about getting a few people to join in a dance-a-thon or create a salsa flash mob in your street?
You can find dance classes near you by clicking here and find out all the gossip with Exercise Move Dance here.

E is for Egg & spoon race

A school sports day classic, your local park is just waiting for you to mark your track, hard-boil those eggs, raid the cutlery drawer, and see who can combine speed, concentration and balance, without cracking up.
No eggs? No problem, potatoes are just as good.

F is for Frisbee

Flinging a frisbee to each other is always great fun. Try under-the-leg or ‘no-look’ behind the back catches if you’re feeling adventurous. For an even bigger buzz with friends, why not try playing Ultimate – a game similar to football or American Football but with no referees and with a flying disc instead of a ball.

G is for Geocaching

All you need to start Geocaching is a smartphone with a geocaching app, internet connection, geographic location services and a spirit of adventure. It’s like hunting for treasure but with modern technology – great for families, and brilliant for getting outdoors and discovering new places.
Learn more about geocaching from the Geocaching Association of Great Britain

H is for Hula hooping

Although it’s a top workout for your abs – hula-hooping doesn’t feel like exercise at all. It’s cheap (you just need a hoop!), fun and something that people of all ages can enjoy. You don’t need much room either.
If you’re a complete beginner, it doesn’t take long to build up your skills to carry on for minutes at a time, especially with a bit of help and encouragement from friends.
Learn how to hula hoop and have a go with GlobeFit Hoola here

I is for Ice skating

Spending time on the ice may make you slip, slide and spin but it’ll give you and your family some big grins.
If you don’t have your own skates, most rinks will include hire for all sizes.
Find an ice rink near you 

J is for Jogging

The simplicity of going out for a run at a comfortable pace can be a joyous thing – and all you need is a pair of trainers. Get out on your own, meet up with a group of mates, or just take the dog for a jog – and you’ll be part of the team. ( You could also take part in a parkrun – many are hosting events for I Am Team GB.)
Want to try somewhere new to run? Try some of the suggestions in the Good Run Guide

If you love jogging but don’t want to run alone or be part of a parkrun, how about joining one of the dozens of virtual runs taking place for I Am Team GB with Racefully?
Learn more about Racefully here

K is for Kickabout

Whether you prefer football or rugby, a kickabout with your mates is a great way to spend some time together.
Try out headers and volleys, up and unders or three-and-in. All you need is a ball and some space.
If you’d like to organise something with a group, how about five-a-side football or rugby sevens?
Need to find local football players? Take a look at this guide:
If you don’t know how to play rugby sevens, take a look at the rules here:

L is for Leapfrog competition

Want to do something simple for I Am Team GB? Hop to it.
How many leapfrogs can you and a friend do in a minute? According to the Guinness World Records, the most leaps in a single minute stands at 57. The largest ever game of leapfrog took place in 2010 in Chirstchurch, New Zealand and involved an incredible 1,348 people. (Watch here.) Think you could beat them?

M is for Miniature golf

Don’t have a golf course near you, but want to practise your skills? With a little bit of space, some clubs and a few golf balls you can pitch and putt to your heart’s content. If you need to create your own green, why not place a flower pot as a hole, or chalk out a target on the ground.
Get some tips here on how to improve your putting

N is for Netball

It doesn’t matter if you played it at school, or have never tried it before, netball is a great game to play with friends.
You don’t need to organise 14 people to have a game either – there are plenty of different ways to enjoy playing netball.

O is for Obstacle course

The beauty of setting up an obstacle course is that you can use whatever you have around you.
Jumping over branches, walking along a wall or dressing up in special (superhero?) clothes – the only limit to your obstacle course is your imagination.
Get some inspiration for your obstacle course

P is for Ping pong

Table tennis, ping pong or whiff whaff – whatever you want to call it, there are lots of tables popping up all over the UK. It’s a fast, fun and surprisingly addictive game for two or more. Could you be a ping pong champ for I Am Team GB?
Find a table near you with Ping! England 

Q is for Quidditch

The wizarding world of Harry Potter first introduced the game of Quidditch but you don’t need magical powers (or a flying broom) to play.
Inspired by the JK Rowling books, the brilliant Muggle Quidditch has different rules depending on the number of people you have playing.
Learn more about how to play Quidditch here

R is for Rounders

Rounders is a fantastic game to play with friends. As well as whacking the ball and making home runs, there are lots of chances to take it easy in the sun, have a drink or chat with friends. It’s excellent fun and suitable for players of all ages.
Here’s a refresher on how to play 

S is for Swimming

Lots of people are discovering the joy of wild (or cold water) swimming in lakes, streams, rivers and canals. It’s a lovely way to experience something new in the countryside and feel closer to nature.
Learn more about Wild Swimming in the UK and discover some inspiring cold water adventures
And if that’s not for you, why not head to one of the thousands of public swimming pools and lidos around the UK for a few lengths or just a recreational swim.

T is for Tai Chi

The gentle movements of Tai Chi (often known as Tai Chi Qigong) are intended to release energy in your body.
Originating in China, the movements form the basis of Kung Fu (made internationally famous by martial arts expert Bruce Lee).
Everyone can enjoy Tai Chi – it truly is for all ages and abilities. Its gentle, controlled movements are also similar to meditation – making it an excellent way to focus your mind while giving you a workout.
Learn some beginner Tai Chi exercises through one of these instructional videos

U is for Up, up and away

Climbing is a superb way of challenging yourself and trying something new. Whether you’re bouldering (climbing – usually horizontally – without ropes) or going up a climbing wall or rock you’ll get an enormous sense of achievement.
Find a climbing wall near you

V is for Volleyball

Sitting or standing, on the beach or in the gym – there are lots of ways to play volleyball, and they’re all brilliant fun. Volleyball England calls it “the only hi-energy, zero body contact, mixed team sport you can play indoors and outdoors” and we agree. For more ideas and inspiration, visit Go Spike

W is for Walking

The simplest of all the DIY routes – walking doesn’t require much equipment (apart from a good pair of shoes) or commitment. You could set take the dog for a longer walk than usual, set yourself a hiking challenge, or take a gentle ramble around the local countryside. For some outdoor ideas, check out some of the best walks in the UK

X is for X-fit

Also known as cross-fit, this is circuit training with a twist. High-intensity interval training, powerlifting, gymnastics and other forms of exercise are blended into a programme to raise your overall fitness to new levels.
We challenge you to give it a try at a crossfit centre near you

Y is for Yoga

Yoga is excellent for the mind and the body – and it’s practised regularly across the world by people of all ages and abilities. At home or in the park, why not do a special yoga workout for I Am Team GB on Saturday 27 August?

Z is for Zumba

Dance your cares away with a great fitness class that gets your body shaking like a polaroid picture.
You’ll be having so much fun that you won’t realise you’re giving yourself a full body workout!
Find your local class by clicking here.